5 things to start doing today to move towards a healthier lifestyle

After people in my immediate family started getting diagnosed with cancer and auto immune diseases I really stepped up my game when it came to researching health and wellness. When I was pregnant with my twins I suddenly became hyper aware that they were inheriting these genes. Or were they? Are these diseases genetic? I really don’t believe they are. I’m becoming more and more convinced that it is our toxic environment that has sick people on the rise. In the last 5 years- I have made numerous changes to my personal environment and our life as a family. Had I made all those changes at once, my husband may have left me. But I incorporated them slowly and when you adopt them in bite sized chunks- they are much more manageable. Below I list some quick easy general things you can start doing today to move towards a healthier life and environment for your family. Being pregnant really woke me up that everything I was ingesting through diet and environment, my babies were ingesting-so that’s when I started this life change, but it’s never too late to start!

1.Stop drinking pop and juice and replace with water! – They are loaded with sugar, among other crap. Sugar is bad for you! Period! Lots of research coming out now showing it is way worse for you than fat. Not to mention these beverages are empty calories! The one exception at our house is fresh pressed juice which has a 1-10 fruit to vegetable ratio (i.e.-1 apple for some sweetness but then the rest of the items are veggies!)

Go organic already!

Go organic already!

2.Buy organic food- it has been shown time and time again that the less pesticides you consume, the less toxins are building up in your body. No, organic food isn’t always completely pesticide free, but it’s much better than the chemical laden produce lining the supermarket perimeters! If you must, you can go here to see what foods you absolutely SHOULD be buying organic and which ones you can let slide.

Cut back on the scented candles this christmas!

3.Stop using chemicals in your home and on your body- this includes all harsh cleaning products (baking soda, vinegar, and Norwex cloths are all we use!), candles (yes! I know! I was sad too!), air freshener, and any other scented products like fabric softener, detergent, and room sprays. Ever hear of someone who developed lung cancer but never smoked? There are a million other things we inhale without thinking about them that are harmful to us. They contain toxic chemicals that we BREATHE in and get absorbed into our lungs, among other things! And personal care products are loaded with complex sounding ingredients that get absorbed through our skin!

4.Reduce your microwave usage and if you can’t get rid of it completely, don’t stand in front of it when it’s on- microwaves emit radiation and in addition to zapping important nutrients in our food (that microwaved broccoli isn’t doing much for your health if you are killing the nutrients in it)-that radiation enters our bodies.

Milk:It DOESN'T do a body good.

Milk:It DOESN’T do a body good.

5.Eliminate or cut back on dairy. Cows’ milk is for baby cows and it’s no coincidence that so many people have sensitivities to dairy these days. Our bodies are not made to digest another mammal’s milk and milk DOESNT do a body good. Kids (and adults)-don’t need animal milk to grow properly! Someone has made a ton of money off that slogan! Once you transition them off of mom’s milk, there are a lot of other alternatives that are creamy beverages and there are plenty of other ways to get all the nutrients that milk supposedly provides.


And finally, remember, if you are a parent or about to become one, your little one’s detoxification system isn’t as developed as yours. Yes, our bodies do a great job of detoxing (if they are healthy and well functioning), but babies and small children are not quite there yet. When you start making these changes in your life, you are setting up your whole family for optimal health.

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