The top 10 things a man can do to ensure he’s on top of his reproductive game!


When that time comes that we decide we want to get pregnant, it’s often easy to forget that although it will be the woman who will be getting pregnant, it truly takes two to tango. Women put so much time and energy into making sure they are prepared that it’s often easy to forget that men are contributing to this as well. It is so important for men to evaluate their health BEFORE trying to get pregnant. Did you know it takes almost 2 and a half months for a sperm to develop? Healthy sperm equals healthy babes! Here are the 10 things you (I’m talking to YOU-MAN!) can do TODAY. Ladies, send your men the link!
1.Get any underlying health conditions checked out and under control.
2.Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about any medication you are on and how/if this may be affecting your “contribution”.
3.Eat healthy food (isn’t this pretty much the answer to EVERYTHING these days!)-nutrition is SO important and folate isn’t just for the ladies! A folate deficiency can increase chromosomal abnormalities in sperm also, so get those leafy greens in! Zinc is also good for those little swimmers! Here are some great foods to add to the diet:

Pomegranates (high in antioxidants)
Pumpkin Seeds (high in Zinc and Omega 3’s)
Sweet potatoes(high in all the powerhouse vitamins like A,C and E, and also folate!)
Spinach (folate)

4.Make sure you are exercising, but not overdoing it. Research shows that extreme athletes (think-marathon runners) can be negatively affected by long term strenuous activity. Best to take it easy and back off on the hardcore training for awhile.
5.Men have a reproductive biological clock too, just like women! It’s not commonly talked about or focused on, but sperm count AND quality starts to decline with age. If you’re heading into your 40s or 50s and you’re concerned, you can go see your doctor for an analysis.
6.I shouldn’t even have to say this this but quit smoking and cut back on all the other extracurricular substances. Yes they affect your sperm count and yes they affect the quality of your sperm.
7.There is also a limited amount of data on environmental toxins. Chemicals or toxic substance exposure constantly can affect you “down there”! Wear gloves and/or masks if you are around this on the daily! There has also been some talk lately of radiation from laptops and cell phones. Keep them away from your private parts just to be safe!
8.Keep your man parts cool. Anything that heats up that area is not good for fertility!
9.Avoid chemical laden lubricants-they can have a toxic effect on your sperm.
10.Get busy!