mopping the floor

I talk about this all the time…but I will just make it official and do a blog post in case you’ve been hiding somewhere.

Today, more than ever, we live in a toxic soup of chemicals. They’re in our environment and in our food. We can’t escape them. Not 100% anyway.

Even our children are now being born with chemicals ALREADY in their cord blood. It is so crucial to begin to pay attention and control what we can. If you’re around my age-you’ve already been exposed for years and years and I think this build up over time is showing in our collective health.

There are so many ways we can reduce our toxic burden.


We can eat organic.

We can avoid and eliminate toxic body and skin care products.

We can stop smoking and cut back on alcohol.

We can cut back on the dry cleaning.

We can use organic, all-natural bed mattresses.

The list is endless. But we all have to start somewhere. And the best place to start is there, which will benefit you the MOST, with the LEAST changes and effort.

So…I recommend starting with your cleaning supplies.


Why? Because something as simple as using Windex and Mr. Clean in your home is spreading chemicals and toxins on EVERYTHING. Even just one or two cleaning products can have detrimental lifetime effects when we are living in an environment that is covered in them. They’re absorbed through our skin and into our lungs and affect our body in all sorts of ways. 

With the plethora of less toxic options out there….there is NO reason to be using these harsh toxic chemicals in your home anymore!


Go through your cabinets and check the ingredients of things like:


Dish soap and detergent

Any kitchen and bathroom cleaning products

Laundry detergent and fabric softener


There is also a whole other sub category of cleaning supplies that many of us often overlook:


Synthetic Fragrance. Fragrance can be found as an ingredient in cleaning supplies, and of course, is the number one problem with things like candles and room fresheners. The ingredient “Fragrance” could be over 100 toxic chemicals that have been combined to give something a pretty smell.  The fragrance industry is not required to be transparent. If you use anything in your home for fragrance, ditch it.


In my experience, people also overdo it when it comes to cleaning supplies.

You don’t NEED all the different things you’ve been convinced you need.

You don’t need a different cleaner for the toilet than the sink.

You don’t need fabric softener.

You don’t need linen sprays.


Over time, we have been marketed to and convinced that all these different things are necessary for a clean home. And they are not. There are many less toxic and “green” products on the market today.

Please consider investing in them.

You can also do an overhaul by just making your own!


Here are the simple ingredients you can use to replace all the toxic chemicals in your home:



Baking Soda

Castile Soap

Pure Essential Oils

Witch Hazel

Citric Acid


With all the above 6 ingredients you can literally clean your whole house. I have experimented with my own natural “toilet bowl” cleaner, dishwasher detergent, kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and linen and room sprays. 

The beautiful part about making your own stuff is that breathing in those pure essential oils will actually have side BENEFITS.


Doing this type of overhaul will often have you feeling like you can breathe easier.

You may experience less headaches.

Less congestion.

Less allergies.

Even more energy.


There are many ways to become healthier but if you’re having trouble getting started..start with this! I promise it will be life and health changing! I use and trust Doterra Essential Oils. If you would like to get started with oils, please go here to shop.

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